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Demonetisation and Various Benefits of Digital Transaction

Benefits of Digital Money

Demonetisation is the ‘demon’ everybody in India is talking about nowadays – regardless of which part of the country you are in, or what social strata you are interacting with! This step by the Government has certainly created upheaval in the country; but when a major economic reform like this is happening, some aches and pains are to be expected. In the long run, it is expected to deliver manifold benefits.

Let us first examine what is meant by demonetisation.

It refers to the act of declaring a unit of currency to no longer be legal tender. Whenever a change in national currency is being enacted, old currency units have to be retired.

Why do nations demonetize currency?

There are several reasons, the main ones being:

  • Combating inflation
  • Checking corruption
  • To move to a cashless system
  • To stem funding for criminal and terrorist activities
  • Eliminate counterfeit notes
  • Apprehend tax evaders

On November 8th 2016, the Government of India announced that 500 and 1000 rupee notes would be demonetised effective midnight, or from 00:01 hours on 9th of November. These notes accounted for nearly 86% of the total cash supply in India. The goal: get rid of black money, fight tax evasion, stem flow of funds for terrorist activities, and promote a cashless economy. Overnight, individuals who had illegally hoarded huge amounts of money were forced to deposit the money in banks and pay tax and fine, or risk losing it altogether.

India was not the first country to demonetize currency. In 2015, the government of Zimbabwe announced demonetisation to combat the hyperinflation, recorded at a mind-blowing 231,000,000%! When the Euro was made the official currency of the European Union in 2002, the currencies of EU nations, like the German marc, French franc, and Italian lira and so on, were demonetised.

Now let’s examine the different benefits of a cashless system for citizens:

  • It’s easy and convenient: You can make payments online either through internet banking, or using online wallets like SBI buddy, paytm, Mobikwik, Pay U Money and so on. It is especially useful in emergencies – you can make the transaction at any time; all you need is the app. You don’t need to be physically present to make a payment.
  • Save on fuel, rail tickets, highway tolls and insurance premiums if you make digital payments.
  • Control your Spending: When nearly all your transactions are recorded, it’s easy for you to keep track of how much you’re spending. You can easily show from where your income has come and how you have spent it.
  • Reduced risk: If you lose your currency notes, they are gone for good; but if you lose your cards, you can easily block it by making a phone call. Even your mobile wallet can be remotely blocked if you suspect a security breach/hack.
  • No cash, no lending: When there’s no cash, you can easily send back people who come to borrow money! It may seem like a small advantage, but believe me, it helps. You also don’t have to worry about getting back change when you shop.

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Demonetisation & Digitalisation – What You Need to Know

Digitalisation & Demonetisation

Until now, Demonetisation has been a major challenge in India, as many have preferred transacting in cash instead of making use of bank transactions, in effect; several digital payment solution providers have created innovative ways to attract new customers.

Digitalisation unfolds society to a collaborative one, that makes it possible to get closer to the customer and in the best-case scenario, even help them before they even realise they need help. Simply moving existing operating models into the digital age, mostly leads to confusion. When companies create all-new solutions from a blank slate, they can simplify their basic technologies, productivity and run it more cost-effective way. The money saved can then be funnelled into something more useful, such as creating new innovations. We’ve dubbed this predictive customer engagement, its future vision from a human perspective.

There are some reflections based on personal experiences by analysing customer data. At present, demonetisation is the most trending topic in the society. From the common man to entrepreneurs, everybody discusses the currency back up and it’s after effects. The sudden withdrawal of currencies had created havoc in the market. Commonly handled currencies arise disruption to the people, the market and the investors, at large. Particular situation had led the people to be an active partner in digitalisation.

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Why page speed impact SEO?

Website Page speed in Seo

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting visibility of a website or webpage. It target different kinds of search including image search, video search, academic search and many more. SEO examines how search engines work, what people search for and the key words that typed in to search engines through which the search engines are preffered by their targeted audience.
Users would like to get their information quickly without any hindrence. Sometimes the page speed may impact on it. Page speed is a measurement to check how fast the content page loads. Page speed also described as ‘page load time’- the time it takes to display completely on the specific page.
Long page loading may affect negatively on the user. Users always suggest fast loading search engines. It could save the time. Slow loading will affect negatively on the user.
Better speed will give better result. There will be many reasons to slowdown its speed. Overflow of advertisements, heavy images, etc. are some of the issues that affects the speed of SEO. A fast website creates a good user experience. A positive user experience often leads to better transformation. Users won’t stay before a website that take morethan enough time to open.
The slow page speed may impact on your academic purposes, online business etc. and it may cost you a lot. A fast page will help your visitors easily understand your offer regarding your work.
There are various methods to examine the page speed. Through using these methods, the user can increase the page speed. A fast page always gives pleasure and satisfaction to the user.

Why ecommerce is important to your business


E commerce business is the best available option for business aspirants to build a better business world and get success in the future than a traditional mode of business. For any business persons having an ecommerce site is an added advantage which will boost up their business. E-commerce is important to your business, because….
Why do you prefer an ecommerce website for shopping? If we ask this question to a customer, his answer will be the word convenience. That is the point. One can have shopping, making choice and purchasing products from an ecommerce site by simply sitting home during their free time.
It may be after work hours or even at midnight because the service is available round the clock. So they need not go to shopping malls or anywhere else for purchasing and it’s quite difficult for today’s busy persons. A wide majority of online users, about 80% prefer online shopping due to its accessibility and service. Moreover, they get product delivery at their footstep.
Ecommerce brings a large group of customers across the nation or globe to your business. So it’s a wise choice to choose an ecommerce platform to reshape the face of your business rather than an actual business center or shopping mall. Truly, ecommerce set up your name and brand among the customers that enriches your business reach. If it is a local business, it’s a golden opportunity to increase the firms’ visibility among the target group.
As it’s the age of social media, it pays a direct link to business promotions. Now customers are widely using the facebook and twitter to make worthy purchasing decisions. So promotion through social media is an active business tool in the present scenario. So on all these aspects ecommerce is crucial to your business development and it ultimately paves way for success.
1- Highly convenient
The most attractive feature of e-commerce,
Customer can purchase products as per their requirement in a click at any time.
2- Wide exposure: Your business gets wide exposure through ecommerce website.
3- Easy to run: Managing ecommerce site is an easier task than running a business.
4- Global customers
5- Social media presence

Content marketing: A strategic tool to define customer choice

Website Content Marketing in Kerala, India

Today, people turn out to be more conscious about purchasing and largely depend on online mode of shopping which is consider as the most convenient means of choosing products. Content marketing is an inevitable part of e-commerce marketing where customers always in search of every detail about products before they decides to buy it. So various e-commerce platforms providing the valuable content of the products sell by them that enable the customer to review and rate the products.

Content marketing is the best tool for marketing as it helps both the marketer and the customer alike. While advertisements offer an exterior layer of information, content gives the exact details that help them to make purchasing decisions. Customer gets solutions and realizes his need from content marketing. So he can do more search on that and understand about the services.
content marketing agency in kerala, India
After getting sufficient information they can do comparison with different service providers which enable them to compare different products from different shops, to get high quality products in better pricing. Finally, it leads the customer to make decisions and buy things as per their requirement.

Why B2B Portal Development is so Specific?

b2b portal development in kerala,India

The internet has achieved global standards and became an integral part of our day to day life. What actually made it popular and helped to attain international customers? Website and portals are the inevitable factors and B2B portal development is a novel technique which is used as a key to business transaction. B2B ensures solid and flexible business deal in a transparent method.

The best business to business portal development offers high quality service, which elevate the business growth as a whole. While discussing the major elements of a business, B2B stands as the integral aspect of a global market. It also takes responsibility as the business dealer and makes the brand value higher. By creating a specific zone for the products or services, you want to sell or buy, B2B initialize the overall project and strive to become perfect. In a business to business portal, we can utilize the possibilities of others business and at the same point, we can directly hand over the business to the large scale without much stress. You will get much progress and also ensures business growth.

Why should you prefer the best seller?

Ecommerce website development in kerala

Why should you all go for the best seller option? What do you mean by e-commerce marketing? The questions are simple to deal with. Because we all value priorities. Your prominence and needs define the option, more precisely you choose, what you actually need in urgency. By elaborating within the framework of technological aspects, the varied requirements and hopes are thousand times larger and it has a wide scenario to be spot on. Here lies the relevance of e-commerce marketing.

The accessibility and easy transaction make e-commerce marketing more popular. In this fast world no one has the time to spend on searching for products and finding after a long time. All want to get rid of the conventional shopping system. Everyone desired to be updated with novel technology. Moreover the credibility, which determines the e-commerce status of any organization or online shopping center. When we want to buy a product through online, first we consider the availability, and then we go to the purchase details, including cost, delivery mode, etc. Obviously almost all make a survey on the credible aspects before we click the button BUY NOW.
Ecommerce website dvelopment company in kerala
The other thing, meant to be remarkable is the quality. Whether the products have quality offered? This is absolutely the major interrogation. Ensuring quality is the major target to be achieved. The cost and deliver mode is the integral part of e-commerce marketing. People widely choose the products at low cost with good material. These all factors make the purchase beneficial too.

Why Should You Go for Organic Traffic?


When planning for a website or online marketing strategy, what every business mind will think is- how to improve potential leads through it? Many of them don’t even know how to make use of search engine optimization services at its best to achieve their goal. In these cases what happens is, the agencies betray them glorifying on paid results in the social media platforms.  Choosing the right Search Engine Optimization agency in India will help your business to move in the right path. SEO services have become one of the foremost considerations of most business people these days.
However, it is difficult to find an agency that can assure what you really want to- being #1 in Google and bringing in potential business leads. Many of the business people are now concentrating on increasing website traffic from other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. However, they use paid advertisement techniques to get more traffic from these sources. Though, it is good to a certain extent avoiding Google and other search engine giants cannot be encouraged. SERP ranking and organic search results are still worth than the paid traffic from social media platforms. To get the best organic traffic in search engine giants, it is inevitable to choose the right company that provides best SEO services.

If you think why organic still important, there are some solid ins and outs behind it. Paid traffic results have conversion capabilities. On the other hand, it cannot bring good traffic delivery. For that, it needs optimization. Another strong reason why you should not rely on website traffic from social media platforms are, they do not have any impact over Google traffic and ranking. Though you may find increased number of visits in your website through Facebook and all, the Google traffic can be low. Now, if you are worried about you SERP rank and website traffic you should hire a good company that offers best SEO services that can compete with all the new trends.

What Makes Everyone Think About Choosing Mobile Friendly Website


Recently, quite a lot of websites have changed their look and feel just to get the label of ‘mobile-friendly’ website. This has become a trend and a website that is not mobile-friendly is not considered up-to-date. The current trend of the mobile-friendly or responsive website has become stronger with the latest announcement made by the search engine giant, Google. It has been made clear by Google that, a website’s mobile-friendliness will be considered as a major criterion for website search positions. It might seem simple but, indirectly, that statement has other meanings too. Number one, Google says that those websites who are not mobile-friendly but has a good position in the search engines will lose its placement. The second one is a good news for those that are mobile-friendly, they will be gaining ranking in Google search results!

This update affects badly to those who don’t take it seriously. People who think their current website as “good enough stuff” will regret when their site disappears from the SERP. However, getting into the new trend is not that difficult. Creating a mobile version of the current site is not a herculean task. But, think of the fake promises around who offer responsive web sites that seem like mobile-friendly websites. Though some people use these terms interchangeably, responsive website and mobile-friendly website are two different things. Responsive websites are good, but they lack certain mobile features that can be integrated with the features of the mobile phone. Click to call, location tracing, QR codes, etc. are some of the unique features belong to the mobile-friendly website.
May be you are confused by hearing responsive, mobile-friendly and all those things. If you want to just clarify that your website is mobile friendly, you can use Google’s free tool to check. Check if you pass the test. If yes, you are in the safe zone and if not it’s time to approach any good web designing company in Kerala . A good website designing company can save you from losing the search engine ranking.