Demonetisation & Digitalisation – What You Need to Know

Digitalisation & Demonetisation

Until now, Demonetisation has been a major challenge in India, as many have preferred transacting in cash instead of making use of bank transactions, in effect; several digital payment solution providers have created innovative ways to attract new customers.

Digitalisation unfolds society to a collaborative one, that makes it possible to get closer to the customer and in the best-case scenario, even help them before they even realise they need help. Simply moving existing operating models into the digital age, mostly leads to confusion. When companies create all-new solutions from a blank slate, they can simplify their basic technologies, productivity and run it more cost-effective way. The money saved can then be funnelled into something more useful, such as creating new innovations. We’ve dubbed this predictive customer engagement, its future vision from a human perspective.

There are some reflections based on personal experiences by analysing customer data. At present, demonetisation is the most trending topic in the society. From the common man to entrepreneurs, everybody discusses the currency back up and it’s after effects. The sudden withdrawal of currencies had created havoc in the market. Commonly handled currencies arise disruption to the people, the market and the investors, at large. Particular situation had led the people to be an active partner in digitalisation.

Are you aware about current scenario? Still looking for solutions? Here we combine a deep understanding of customer desires for improving the customer experience and entrepreneur, we let you to create a strong foundation for your venture.

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