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What Makes Everyone Think About Choosing Mobile Friendly Website


Recently, quite a lot of websites have changed their look and feel just to get the label of ‘mobile-friendly’ website. This has become a trend and a website that is not mobile-friendly is not considered up-to-date. The current trend of the mobile-friendly or responsive website has become stronger with the latest announcement made by the search engine giant, Google. It has been made clear by Google that, a website’s mobile-friendliness will be considered as a major criterion for website search positions. It might seem simple but, indirectly, that statement has other meanings too. Number one, Google says that those websites who are not mobile-friendly but has a good position in the search engines will lose its placement. The second one is a good news for those that are mobile-friendly, they will be gaining ranking in Google search results!

This update affects badly to those who don’t take it seriously. People who think their current website as “good enough stuff” will regret when their site disappears from the SERP. However, getting into the new trend is not that difficult. Creating a mobile version of the current site is not a herculean task. But, think of the fake promises around who offer responsive web sites that seem like mobile-friendly websites. Though some people use these terms interchangeably, responsive website and mobile-friendly website are two different things. Responsive websites are good, but they lack certain mobile features that can be integrated with the features of the mobile phone. Click to call, location tracing, QR codes, etc. are some of the unique features belong to the mobile-friendly website.
May be you are confused by hearing responsive, mobile-friendly and all those things. If you want to just clarify that your website is mobile friendly, you can use Google’s free tool to check. Check if you pass the test. If yes, you are in the safe zone and if not it’s time to approach any good web designing company in Kerala . A good website designing company can save you from losing the search engine ranking.