Why page speed impact SEO?

Website Page speed in Seo

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting visibility of a website or webpage. It target different kinds of search including image search, video search, academic search and many more. SEO examines how search engines work, what people search for and the key words that typed in to search engines through which the search engines are preffered by their targeted audience.
Users would like to get their information quickly without any hindrence. Sometimes the page speed may impact on it. Page speed is a measurement to check how fast the content page loads. Page speed also described as ‘page load time’- the time it takes to display completely on the specific page.
Long page loading may affect negatively on the user. Users always suggest fast loading search engines. It could save the time. Slow loading will affect negatively on the user.
Better speed will give better result. There will be many reasons to slowdown its speed. Overflow of advertisements, heavy images, etc. are some of the issues that affects the speed of SEO. A fast website creates a good user experience. A positive user experience often leads to better transformation. Users won’t stay before a website that take morethan enough time to open.
The slow page speed may impact on your academic purposes, online business etc. and it may cost you a lot. A fast page will help your visitors easily understand your offer regarding your work.
There are various methods to examine the page speed. Through using these methods, the user can increase the page speed. A fast page always gives pleasure and satisfaction to the user.

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